San Diego Art Guide

Philippe Bertho: Love Pop

Kitch Experience. Acrylic on Canvas.

Martin Lawrence Galleries
1111 Prospect Street, La Jolla.

Large circles filled with blue dots pop out of the canvas, floating upwards like bubbles from washing dishes in the kitchen sink. In his series of acrylic and mixed media paintings entitled Kitch Experience, Philippe Bertho depicts those French-inspired frilly details that are found on the edges of countertops or wallpaper, with a tiny figure wearing bathing attire sitting upon them. Each figure is emotionally involved in their world, curious of the large bubbles and/or playfully accepting of them. This lightheartedness is refreshing in a world that often takes painting too seriously. His paintings are full of interest, from the watercolor stains that add texture and contrast with the crisp and detailed brushstrokes of the figures, to the stickers that declare the title of the painting.