San Diego Art Guide

Exist 1981

Keep Your Virgins. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Jett Gallery
989 W. Kalmia Street, Little Italy.
Opening: April 15th, 6-10PM
Closing: May 13th, 7-10PM

Street artist Exist 1981 captures the essence of Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) in Keep Your Virgins. The work is his addition to an exhibition dedicated to the poet andĀ entitled “all great art is horse shit, buy tacos.”

The symmetry of the woman’s legs and the pink shading of her flesh are reminders of her femininity, as though she were like a tantalizing butterfly. Of course her pose also contradicts this, screaming of sexual desire and strength. The layers of spray-painted words and textures add further interest and complications to this work, making the eye move into the corners and the background, mimicking Bukowski’s wandering poetical style.Ā And in the end, the eye rests in the center, on the woman.

The words traced over the image, You boys can keep your virgins, give me hot old women in high heels with asses that forget to get old, are from Bukowski’s mid 1970’s collection of poems, “Love is a Dog from Hell”.