San Diego Art Guide

Art… Its Elemental

Spanish Village Art Center, Gallery 21
Balboa Park. 1700 Village Place
San Diego, CA 92101

Showing: March 21 – April 13, 2105
Opening Reception: Saturday March 21 4:30 – 7:30 PM

Spanish Village Art Center is excited to announce it’s All Member Show celebrating 80 years in Balboa Park. This event is part of the year long celebration celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the California Panama Exposition.

While SCIENCE helps us recognize and measure smaller and smaller parts our world, ART reminds us of our emotional connection to our experience with the four basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Gallery 21 will be transformed into a black and white tableau of the four elements to showcase the artists’ colorful interpretation of the elements.

The Elements:

“We are all connected through the air we breathe, the night sky we see and the wonder we feel.”

Joan Boyer. "Atmosphere". Oil.

Joan Boyer. “Atmosphere”. Oil. (Air)

“Corn: a food source, spiritual offering, ritual adornment and deity.”

Earth Patricia Aiken Corn Maiden Copper enamel "Corn: a food source, spiritual offering, ritual adornment and deity."

Patricia Aiken. “Corn Maiden”
Copper enamel. (Earth)

“Wood’s warmth and colors inspire me to bring out the inner beauty of Nature’s creations.Each piece emerges as each new element is added.”

Karen Freitas. "Fire". Wood.

Karen Freitas. “Fire”. Wood. (Fire)

“Reflecting Pool in Balboa Park – a peaceful space. Cool colors, a few warm colors. lily pads, flowers, multi-colored fish. Tranquil.”

Vicky DeLong. "Reflecting Pool". Ceramic.

Vicky DeLong. “Reflecting Pool”. Ceramic. (Water)

About Spanish Village Art Center
Spanish Village Art Center was formed in 1937 after the 1935 California Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park closed. There are currently 38 working studios with over 100 artists open daily to the public. Artists share their art work and experience with the public. Currently there are over 250 artists and craftspeople as well as six guilds with membership in the organization.