San Diego Art Guide

Sarah Stieber

“The Window.” Oil on Canvas. 4’x5′.

Alexander Salazar Fine Art
Artist in Residence Studio
635 Broadway
Opening Reception: July 6th, 6PM.

Sarah Stieber often uses unnatural colors to highlight the figures in her paintings, as though their flesh has been synthesized like the many plastics in our man-made world. In “The Window”, she continues to paint in her distinctive style, portraying a couple in bed on a hot night.

A bright yellow wall draws you into the painting, past the white lace curtains and up the striped bedsheet. A woman stares at you, the intruder, over her enlarged feet and orange body. It is unsurprising that she is awake, in a room that radiates with the heat and energy of a modern city that never sleeps. In her paintings, Stieber skillfully captures our contemporary world through her unique perspectives and vibrant colors.