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Mee Shim: Aura of Summer

Mee Shim. “Aura of Summer.” Graphite and Acrylic on Canvas. 48″ x 36″.

Mee Shim Fine Art
1943 India St. #101. Little Italy.

The artwork of Mee Shim blends Eastern tradition and philosophy with Western culture. In her diverse body of work, Mee creates universes that stem from her cultural consciousness and images of the self. She has several autobiographical paintings, and often includes a reflection of herself in the eyes of her figures.

Since 2003, she has been working on a series of faces, garnering international attention. Although the faces look mainly Asian, they also have large Western eyes and all the defining facial characteristics blend together, making it difficult to discern which country exactly a face is from.

“They represent ‘Us’ as humans, that is why they have no hair” Mee explains, they are “a juxtaposition between humans and nature.”

Everything within the face is connected. In “Aura of Summer,” graphite circles around the eyes flow into the nose and the tail of a hummingbird. Mee often includes images of birds in her faces, reflecting the egg-shape of the face itself, and also calling to mind the Taoist creation myth of the egg, from which the universe emerges.